Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer 2013

I tend to take long vacations away from blogger and then suddenly feel the need to come back, so here I am again.

My second year at UCSD was so eclectic in its experiences and I had so much fun, but I had felt so drained during Spring Quarter that I desired for this summer to completely fix whatever was wrong with me.

But has it?

It's weird... I usually love going out as much as possible and basking in whatever warmth comes to find me but this summer I've been staying home a lot, and yet I've been content with all that I have done. I told myself before it started that it would be a productive summer full of exercise and working on my craft, and I actually went through with it. I can feel myself improving, and it's been wonderful.

And I still have two weeks left. Let's make it wonderful.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Los Angeles and Irvine

It's been nearly two quarters since I last updated this.
I've been caught up in the joys and throes of life.
I've experienced so many different things over the past few months.
Coupling the good and the bad, it's been refreshing--rejuvenating.
Life is so grand.

I had an exceptionally memorable weekend traveling around Los Angeles and Irvine doing so many things that I love. I drew and I photographed and I visited places I had never been to and I met new people and I hung out with my dear friends and I reveled in what life has to offer me.

Thank you to everyone I was with for such a beautiful weekend.