Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer 2013

I tend to take long vacations away from blogger and then suddenly feel the need to come back, so here I am again.

My second year at UCSD was so eclectic in its experiences and I had so much fun, but I had felt so drained during Spring Quarter that I desired for this summer to completely fix whatever was wrong with me.

But has it?

It's weird... I usually love going out as much as possible and basking in whatever warmth comes to find me but this summer I've been staying home a lot, and yet I've been content with all that I have done. I told myself before it started that it would be a productive summer full of exercise and working on my craft, and I actually went through with it. I can feel myself improving, and it's been wonderful.

And I still have two weeks left. Let's make it wonderful.