Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Break 2014

     Spring Break has definitely been an adventure. This time last year, I wanted to break down and bash my head in from melancholy, but it's been a different ride this time around. I think I'm a person who is always on the search for some type of intimacy and camaraderie. I feel weak when I'm alone, but I'm strong when I'm around people I love. Bathe me in affection.   

     I hadn't been to a CNH DCON since my Key Club days--it felt good to be back. From workshops to reflection to speeches to awards to dancing to meeting new people, the bittersweet of an ending year was all around. I didn't really expect to cry, but the waterworks came flowing.

        LACMA->Griffith's Observatory->Huntington Library->CALARTS
     After DCON, a couple of my friends and I decided to take a couple days of our break to explore around Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley to take in the sights. As someone who has lived in big cities all his life, I can't imagine ever being able to settle in a small one. Keep moving.

"With enough soul to make a Jazz piece look stale 
-Let's ditch the safe side, tonight we take chance 
Getting lost in the bliss till buildings can breakdance"-NAK

     I left a bit earlier than most of my friends as I had my first day with my wedding photographer internship on Wednesday. We didn't do much except learn a bit about their lightroom workflow and get settled in, but I'm really excited. All my co-workers seem nice, and my boss is the best. I can't wait to learn from her and everyone. 

     Although there have been a couple downs during the vacation--my laptop broke, loneliness can still seep in, and missing people sucks--It's been all the more rejuvenating. I'm ready for you, Spring quarter.